Autombilinis įkroviklis, 2 in 1

Artikulo Nr. XIN-P302.521

Unique design car charger with integrated bluetooth headset that allows a safe hands-free experience whilst driving. The integrated earbud is charged when driving and is ultra-portable due to its small design (20 x 33 mm). The device uses the advanced bluetooth 4.1 connection which ensures a smooth connection and perfect sound quality. The magnetic top of the charger allows you to easily place the earbud back in the dock to charge it. The charger is suitable for all mobile phones. The earbud comes with additional ear tips in different sizes to get a good seal for all. Output 5V/1A.

Išmatavimai: 8.6 x 2.0cm
Spalvos: Juoda
Raktiniai žodžiai: Automobiliai
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